What is Promise Term Life Insurance? Secure Your Future

Our life is full of uncertainties. we have family. besides, we do care for our family members. making life insurance is one of the responsible acts. It is a safeguard for the future of our love one. Also life insurance plays an important role in our family life. But what is promise term life insurance?

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What Is Promise Term Life Insurance?

Promise term life insurance is a premium life insurance. It is offered by insurance company. Besides, it provides a benefit for a specific time period. The policy stays the same for your age or health. It is a good choice for those who want to affordable death benefit protection with many of features. Even more, promise term life insurance is good for who are conscious about their health and want to lock in guaranteed money.

Understanding Term Life Insurance

You need to understand the basic concept of life insurance term. The term of life insurance offers for a time period. It is typically 10, 20 or 30 years. The permanent life insurance collects a cash value.  But other life insurance policy does not accumulate cash value. Therefore it makes more accessible and easy to understand.

what is promise term life insurance

The Unique Features And Flexibility In Coverage Duration

Promise term life insurance makes the traditional life insurance one step ahead. It provides many offers. So that policyholder can stay in peace of mind. Some of the features are convertible option, renewable terms and specific riders. One of the benefits of promise term life insurance is flexibility. Policyholders have choices to choose terms that align with financial goals like mortgage, college fee or retirement age.

Options For The Future And Enhance Coverage

Our life is in full of uncertainty. In this unpredictable life, many circumstances can happen. In addition, promise term life insurance offers conversion choices. It allows policyholders to convert their term policies into permanent life insurance. To do this, they even do not need to attend medical examination. So this feature assures protection of health changes. Moreover, promise term life insurance provides riders. So that it can enhance coverage to people’s specific needs. Riders include critical illness coverage, accidental death benefits or disability income protection.


Promise term life insurance is a reliable and affordable choice for the people who seek coverage for a specific period. A policyholder may have certain needs such as flexibility, premium stability, conversion option and various riders available. Insurance company may fulfill their needs. Before you take any decision, do a well research. Always remember, investing in insurance company may guarantees a promise security for tomorrow.


Q: Who can take life insurance?

A: A person who is 18 to 80 ages and meet company’s requirement can take life insurance.

Q: How much does Life Insurance cost?

A: The cost depends on a number of facts include age, health and amount of coverage you need.

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