6 Best Self-Employed Health Insurance

Best self-employed Health Insurance Company:

From 1957 to this modern era of 2021, the number of self-employed people has been reaching so high. More than 44 millions person in America already has established their carrier as self-employed people. Forty-four million is so vast; it might be little bit challenging to get affordable and quality health coverage for all of them.

However, the open enrollment (available from November 1 to December 15) may offer an eligible health coverage if any user faced a special qualifying event in that particular year. But remaining percentage needs to purchase their health coverage from the private insurer.

We will discuss six Self Employed Health Insurance dominating today’s health insurance market for self-employed people in today’s session.

6 Best Self-Employed Health Insurance:

Self-employed health insurance is purchased for an independent individual. The individual covered a cost of benefit (like health insurance) for his/her employee. Whatever, people might have a dozen options to get such coverage, but we have compiled six best options from six categories. More details are given below-

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (Best Overall)
  • UnitedHealthcare (Best for Networking)
  • Kaiser Permanente (Best for Preventive Care)
  • Cigna (Best for Convenience)
  • Molina Healthcare (Best for Underserved Group)
  • OSCAR (Best for Customer Service)

Blue Cross Blue Shield (Best Overall):

We made Blue Cross Blue Shield our pick spot because it is qualified enough to give longevity service and reasonable customer satisfaction. This company is well-reputed with the more considerable networking. Though it is a nationwide policy seller, it is still available outside the USA.


  • Broader Networking
  • High Reputation
  • Highly qualified with improved data supply


  • The complaint about poor customer service from a few states

UnitedHealthcare (Best for Networking):

In all over 50 states in America, UnitedHealthcare is available. This insurer company also holds a more extensive network for the health care service. This company’s online availability makes this company more affordable, efficient, and user choice-able.


  • Larger Service Networking
  • Quickly an Online Quote can get
  • Robust Healthcare Technology


  • Mixed reviews about customer relation
  • Hold legal issues about discriminating against some specific patients (Mental health and substance Abuse Patients) to save expenses.

Kaiser Permanente (Best for Preventive Care):

With a solid reputation and good nature, Kaiser Permanente has come to our today’s list, being the best for preventing care. And with the preventative care it holds, will help you to get all your medical services relatively at a lower cost. It has high customer satisfaction feedback, which allows the user to waste less time searching for other insurance for their health service.


  • Best for Preventive Care
  • HS Account Access
  • High Reputation in the Insurance Field


  • Available only in 9 states
  • Very Limited Network
  • Certain Regulatory Issues

Cigna (Best for Convenience):

Cigna could be your best option if you want to edge out on finding health insurance for a self-employed person. This company features plenty of opportunities for self-employees, the person working from home, and so on. It has zero virtual care, which helps save you valuable time on any insurance agent’s desk. For Virtual behavioral and mental Healthcare, this company significantly takes care hundred percent of both cases.


  • Good Company Reputation
  • Virtual Service
  • Prescription Delivery
  • Expansive Network Provider


  • Available in a few states
  • Low Customer Affairs Reviews
  • Limited Transparency on its Websites

Molina Healthcare (Best for Underserved Group):

Molina is best for affordable healthcare services; users can apply all the Medicaid, Medicare, Integrated Medicare, and Integrated Medicaid with the Molina Healthcare Plan. This company also offers a subsidy plan from the marketplace. If you want to edge your over-pocket expense, Molina Cares Accord offers you quality care through a renewal action. However, we have made Molina our best choice in the category of Underserved Groups.


  • Affordable Healthcare Coverage
  • Plan Transparency in details on Molina’s Websites
  • New Program to access few healthcare accesses.


  • Unavailable in all states
  • Has a history of Regulatory Issues
  • Lower Credit Rankings

OSCAR (Best for Customer Service):

An extensive customer care service from OSCAR made it capable of including our today’s list. Some unique features of OSCAR like Doctor on Call, Concierge accessible through the company’s mobile app make this company most aware for all its clients. Users can quickly reach a doctor 24/7 hours can refill a prescription as well. Besides this, if any user preferences for phone support, OSCAR also has a support team by which any customer can get access to the healthcare service. Phone service from OSCAR is available from Monday to Friday (9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.).


  • On-Call Doctor
  • 24/7 Healthcare service (with refilling prescription)
  • Concierge
  • User-friendly Mobile app


  • Limited network
  • Unavailable in all states

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