How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Life Insurance Coverage limit and my consideration:

If you are the only financial supporter of your family, then it is going to be a very miserable condition for your family to arrange all financial needs after your sudden death. Therefore, to secure you’re your family financially after your deaths, life insurance is the best solution. Life insurance is a legal agreement between a company and a customer. Purchasing life insurance is a smart decision for financial supports even after the policyholder’s death. Life insurances may coverage’s your funereal expenses. It also helps to reimburse the mortgage, loan, or any larger credit loan which might be a burden on your parents or children after you have passed away. 

So, how much life insurance do you need? Is there any specific measurement? Here we will discuss in detail how you can evaluate life insurance coverage.

After proper evaluation of your financial conditions and family situations, you can calculate the amount of your insurance coverage pretty easily.

Most insurance companies consider age as a great matter to sell their policy. If you are young enough and healthier you have to pay a small number of premiums annually. But for aged people premium may go too high in range.

Factors, determine the life insurance coverage limit:


Dependents are those persons who can rely on another person for financial supports. Dependents may be child or old people. An unborn child also could be dependents. The expenses for a rising or aged person are the most significant matter to fix your coverage cost. The more you have dependents on you, the larger the coverage limit you will need.  

Health and age:

Health and age is an important thing to determine How Much Insurance Policy You Should Buy? Young people with good health may get high coverage if they want. All insurance company thinks that aged people have less responsibility and possibilities of loan so; they get less coverage than younger ones. Life insurance rates may increase by about 4.5% to 9% depending on your age.


The amount of life insurance also depends on the affordability of the policyholder. Suppose you get high coverage policy but you stopped giving a premium interim period. Then this life insurance is valueless for you. On the other hand, different types of policy have different conditions. Term life insurance may less expensive than whole life insurance.

So, before fixing any policies, you may gather proper knowledge of different terms and conditions of insurance policy and also how much you can afford.


Resources are a source of money or property from which you can become financially benefited. Resources are your annual income and assets. The more resources you have, the means you have many assets which you can utilize for your life insurance policy. Do not consider only your asset at the time of purchasing life coverage. As you are concerned for your family members, so each of your family members or dependents should come in the consideration list with all their income or resources accordingly. 


Expense is everything for which you are thinking about a policy. However, emphasize your total expenses for which your policy will need to reimburse after your death. The expense I am talking about are- regular household expenses; your child’s tuition fees, your parent’s medical bill, any kind of debts or loans, your funeral cost, and others (if any). You can also consider your current expense to pay the installment for your policy. 

Debts and liabilities:

If you have larger debts or loans, your spouse or children or any family members might have a chance to face huge difficulties after your death.

As you know all loan or mortgage is hooked up on the beneficiaries after the loan taker death, therefore you should well fix this issue before your death. So, what you can do is- purchase a life coverage with a larger amount. So, after you’re passed away, your insurer will look after all your mortgage and loan. 


How Much Life Insurance do I need?

Your life insurance coverage may depend on your annual income, the number of dependents, the number of debts, and your expenses. By using a simple and easy equation you can calculate how much life insurance you need. This calculating procedure is known as the Life Insurance Rule of Thumb

Here is the equation-

“(Financial Obligations – Existing Assets Can Be Used Towards Bills) = Insurance Coverage”

Financial obligations are a summary of your annual income, any kind of mortgage, any big debts, funeral expenses, and children’s expenses. Existing assets may include existing life insurance, savings, other assets, etc.

You can also get the calculation easily by multiplying your annual income by 10.

So that’s all on today’s topic. Still, you are facing any problem getting the amount, kindly knock me in my inbox. 

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