5 Most Affordable Health Insurance Company For You

Health Insurance Companies:

A perfect health insurance company can lead a healthy long way providing you with all related medical costs and expenses. Whether it is a light disease, or serious illness even injury from several uncertain situations cases you can avoid your financial devastation if you have capable health insurance.

So, is it possible to find a worthy health insurer easily? It is possible, especially when you have people like us-you can believe in getting suitable health coverage easily.

Comparing so many health insurers, today we have come with a screened list of few. Our today’s list not only helps you to figure out perfect health coverage but moreover, it also helps you punch out where you should start for your health coverage.

Let’s stop the ado and see the details-

5 Best Health Insurance Companies:



A (Excellent): A.M. Best Financial Ratings

Average to The Rest: J.D. Power

4.0 out of 5: NCOA Ratings

Pros Cons
Perfect for online service
Plans Variety
Competitive Pricing
Larger Preferred Provider
Lengthy Waiting Time
For Pre-Existing Medical Conditions, no coverage
Customer Satisfaction rate below the average.


  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Accident
  • Disability Insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Life Insurance
  • Hospitalization 



A (Excellent): A.M. Best Financial Rating

J.D. Power: Top Performer in Delaware/West Virginia/Washington D.C./Virginia Regions 

Top-rated in Utah: NCQA Ratings

Pros Cons
HAS Plans
Low Cost
Nationwide Coverage
Wellness Program Access Facility
Fewer STM plan
The website cannot be navigated easily


  • Health service from a doctor or Hospital
  • Recommendation Preventive Care

BlueCross BlueShield


A (Excellent): A.M. Best 

Top Performer: J.D. Power

Top Rated: NCQA Rating

Pros Cons
Available in 50 States
Larger Network
Member Discounts Availability
Wider Policy Coverage (almost to meet any of your health demands)
Variation in cost (according to regional and state differences)
Tough to Reach any Customer Agent
Got Complaints about Claim Denials 


  • Comprehensive Coverage Options
  • Exclusive Discount for several options
  • Partnership Program



No ratings by any rating organizations.

Pros Cons
Preventive Care Programs Accessibility
Wellness Programs
Limited Availability


  • Members Benefits
  • Medical Services
  • Healthcare Management
  • Prescriptions Drug
  • Pregnancy and baby care
  • Behavioral Health Care
  • Dental
  • Vision



A (Excellent): A.M. Best

Others: N/A

Pros Cons
Low-Cost HMOs
Wellness Programs
Online Tools
Limited Availability
Limited Coverage


  • Group Life
  • Disability
  • Dental Solutions
  • Individual Health Care
  • Several Care Management
  • Wellness Resources

Do you need health insurance?

Days become so modern and so upgraded, all we are surrounded by new technologies and new machines. Every day new inventions make us happy, but does technology only bear all good effects? It is not actually. All inventions have some good and bad impacts. The fact is we are always prone to use good intentions for any type of new invention. 

Days are becoming so modern nowadays, it sounds good! But we are trying to adjust to these modern days, impacts are falling in our lifestyle, food habits, and so on. We have to face so many solutions (due to industrial revolutions, transport fuel).

So ultimately, we are becoming less sustainable. And we are involving more doctors/hospitals to resolve many of our physical/mental related issues. 

In America, you will hardly find any family, that has more than one main earner. For one-earner with so many regular expenses, it becomes difficult for that earner to invest more in any upcoming uncertain issues. Medically related costs are also one type of uncertain issue, which features huge costs impacting heavily on the victim.

So here is the advantage of health insurance coverage. You just will give some payment monthly remaining all is your insurer’s headache. Whether you, your spouse, your family member even your in-laws, grandparents can get the health care expense if you have only one perfect health care insurance.

Only you need is, to fix the coverage type, set the coverage limit, and finally find the perfect insurer that can offer you the best health plan.

How you can get health coverage?

Obviously from a private health insurer. But purchasing a health plan from a private insurer is the last stage you need to go with. The first stage is a company health plan. If you are working, then it is your employer’s responsibility to offer you health coverage (either group or individual) as a basic benefit. If you are not eligible for a company plan (that means you may lose your job, or you are a part-time worker, even though you could be a retired person too) then you can search for a health plan from your federal state platform.

There are various service provider websites (Healthcare.Gov), which offer various government health plans timely on their websites. You can pick anyone from here, but there are some obligations. All these govt. plan mostly for the retired person or children. So now you have only one option remaining and that is, getting the health plan from a private health insurer.

So, there is some tricky matter by which you can reduce your health plan’s price. Like, you can add all your family members to your company plan (if your employer permits it). You can purchase a group or family health policy and then enroll all your family in one plan. 

Final Verdict

You have dozens of options to find a perfect health insurance company. Lots of health insurers moving around you competing with some other capable companies. We didn’t gather it all from here, but we tried our best to provide an already filtered list so that you can get the best without falling into any dilemma.  

If you have any queries, please share them in the comment box.

Thank you

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