Factors That Effect On Life Insurance Premium


Life insurance is a wonderful way to financial protection of your loved one after your death. You can support your family financially after your death by taking a life insurance policy. After paying a little premium over a long period you can enjoy huge benefits on cashing out as well.

However, Life insurance premiums might depend on a different number of factors. Some factors may raise the premium rates some may decrease. Every insurance client is fond to know in detail that which factors have stimulating activities on premium and which have not. All factors are not in your control, a few of them are the company’s conditions. But you can change your lifestyle to change the premium.

Here we discuss in detail which of the actions would likely raise life insurance premiums.

Let’s jump in-

What is Premium?

Based on the insurance company, the premium is the payable amount of money that is charged by the insurance company of the plan you have taken. You have to pay your premium on time for running your coverage. In the interim period if you stopped paying the premium you can’t enjoy full benefits (sometimes any benefits).

So it is advisable to know deeply before purchasing any plan. Usually the coverage details, premium cost, financial benefits and so on.

Which of the following actions would likely raise life insurance premiums?

Some factors have some effects on policies premium. Age, Genders, Health, lifestyle, Occupational history, choice of any especial interest (Like, surfer, hiker) all of things have potential effects on your premium.

Here in details about ‘which of the following actions would likely raise life insurance premiums’

Age during taking insurance

The premium of your policy can become less if you are young during getting this policy. The most important factors for determining the premium of policy are the age of policyholders. Young policyholders will continue the policy over long periods without any dependents before cashing out. On the other hand, elder policyholders have dependents, many others responsibilities.


The second unavoidable factors are gender. Generally, the lifespan of women are five to ten years more than men. So, they can pay off the premium more years than a man. Women are fond of any type of thing; they can’t stop anything in an interim period. That’s why women calculate less cost for their life coverage comparing with man.

Family health history

Though you have rarely control over your family member’s medical history, but it is a significant matter to impacts on your life insurance premium. However, if there is a history of genetically transmissible diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, or any other potential health ailment such as cancer-all those history bears a chance to promote you towards those ailments. Some insurance companies count those conditions. And for that, your premium rates become high as per company rules.

Health and Medical History

Every insurance company includes a medical exam in their undertaking process. In these records, they included different information of the insurer that is, weight, height, blood pressures, and cholesterol labels.

In some cases, they also inquire about  your ECG or ECO level, Higher cholesterol levels, diabetics.

Medical history is important for an insurance company. It is required to provide you’re all your medical history to the insurance company. Is there any history of fetal or chronic diseases? If yes, it causes some effects on your policy premium.

Obesity may also cause stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, Coronary heart disease, osteoarthritis like health problems and surprisingly higher rates of your premiums.


Who don knows about the side effects of smoking? Smoking is critically dangerous to health. This habit increases the chances of all high-risk diseases. Smoking is a vital habit to fix up the premium of your insurance policies. If you are a chain smoker, than I would like to inform you, you have to pay almost double than non-smoker policyholder.

Your lifestyle

Are you fond of adventures life? Racing cars, traveling, climbing mountains are your favorite things for passing your time. If so, you have to pay more for the insurance. If you are engaged with high-risk activities all time it will be a big concern for insurance companies.

Some companies also offer more charges for high-risk professions like mining, fishing, transportation, etc.


Different types of policies have different rates of premium. A short-term policy has higher rates of a premium than a long-term policy. However, if you have decided your policy type now it is your turn to know the policy details with premium cost. Also don’t forget to know how many factors are affecting your premium. Though how it will effect on your premium it fully depends on the insurance companies, you can sometimes control the rate as well.


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