Can I Reduce My Term Life Insurance Policy?

Can I reduce my term life insurance policy?

Well, ”Decreasing term life insurance is a term policy with a death benefit that gets smaller over time. It’s beneficial if you expect your loved ones to gradually need less financial support as time passes.” ( .com)

A term life insurance policy is the simplest, affordable, and purest form of life insurance. Term life insurance policy is less expensive than other insurance policies. It is an agreement between the person who owns the policy and an insurance company. The owner agrees to pay a premium for a specific term, in return the insurance company promises to pay a death benefit in cash. 

Life insurance is very important because it is a lifetime gift for your family. It is an affordable way to protect your loved ones and it provides peace of mind. It secures our family’s future. It is a great part of our wealth planning.

Reducing Or Decreasing Term Life Insurance

Term life is a popular type of life insurance coverage, for good reason: it’s generally easy to understand, and easy to buy it can be a cost-effective way to get a given amount of insurance coverage. However, before you commit to buying a policy for 10,20, or even 30 years, make sure you know what you are getting, how it will protect you, and what the alternatives are. (

Decreasing term life insurance is commonly called DTA insurance/mortgage insurance. Sometimes decreasing term life insurance depends on where you buy it. If you buy it directly from an insurance company, then you will be able to choose the beneficiary. If you buy it as a part of your loan “THE BANK” will take the beneficiary.

Decreasing term life insurance works largely the same way with term life insurance but with one key difference: the payout or death benefit gets smaller over time.

Categories Of Reducing Term Life Insurance Policy

Few categories are there to define different terms of life coverage replacement. Understanding each of those categories is important, as they explain how you can reduce term coverage effectively.

  1. Decreasing term
  2. Level term 
  3. Permanent life insurance

How Much-decreasing Term Life Insurance Policy Cost

It is based on several factors, such as…

  1. The length of term 
  2. Your age
  3. Your health 
  4. Your lifestyle
  5. Your occupation
  6. The amount of coverage you choose 

How reducing term life insurance works:

Reducing term life insurance works on some subjects. Those are-

  1. Decide how long you want your coverage to last
  2. Choose a starting death benefit
  3. One name or more beneficiaries
  4. Pay your premiums regularly

Pros And Cons Of Decreasing Term Insurance

Please Don’t think decreasing term coverage only has some advantages. Yes, it has some disadvantages too! We are going to discuss its pros first…


Affordability: It fully depends on policyholders’ affordability and choices.

Helps with meeting loan obligations: You are only paying for the coverage you need with death benefits.

No medical exams: You don’t have to go through any medical exams to reduce term insurance.


Some cons are as follows…

Less flexibility: In this sector, you would not be able to convert your policy into permanent life insurance.

Limited availability: It is not very common to reduce the period of life insurance. So, you will get few options compared to other life insurance.

Low payout in later years: Your nominees will get less money if you die toward the end of your policy term.

Example Of Decreasing Term Life Insurance

George buys a term life insurance policy for $500,000, with a 10-year term. The premium of $50 per month. If George dies within 10 years, the policy will pay $ 500,000 as beneficiary. If George dies after the policy has expired, his beneficiary will receive no benefit.


Is Decreasing Term Life Insurance Right For Me?

-Decreasing term life insurance can be a smart investment if you are looking for a policy that can help to protect your family against loans, such as car loans, personal loans, and business loans. It may also be a good idea to get this policy if you know that your family will not be dependent on your income.

Can I Reduce My Term Life Insurance Policy?

-The answer is “YES”.You can often reduce the amount on your term life insurance policy. But most of the time it depends on your insurance company. Some limitations and restrictions are there. So, it is very important to check your insurance before taking or modifying coverage amounts.

What Happens To Term Life Insurance At The End Of The Term?

-When your policy term expires, so does life insurance protection. You can also choose to go without or get another policy.

Do I Get Back Money If I Cancel My Term Life Insurance?

-People buy term life insurance because it generally costs less than whole life insurance while offering a high level of coverage. If anyone wants to get money back from life insurance, he/she can adopt this policy for this purpose.


After knowing all the details about reducing/decreasing term life insurance policy, its most important thing is the “death benefit”. If the person passes away during the policy term, nominees can file a claim for the death benefit amount at the time of passing.

If the person is alive at the end of the policy’s term, the death benefit will decrease to ‘ZERO’, with it the coverage will terminate. If someone wants to cancel his/her term policy, just stop paying your own premium and write a letter to the insurance company to let them know about canceling the policy.

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