A Term Life Rider Offers The Insured Quizlet

Life and love are the most precious things in the world. We live our lives for the person we love. We decorate it in a very skillful way so as not to waste a single moment. Life insurance offers us many options to decorate, develop, and secure our lives for a lifetime. Life insurance is a vast topic to know. The more we search, the more information we will get. A new curiosity works on my mind about a term life rider and insured quizlet.

We are here to know more about “ A Term Life Rider Offers The Insured Quizlet”.

A Term Life Rider Offers The Insured Quizlet

Firstly, we have to know about “TERM RIDER”. A term rider is a super easy way to customize a life insurance policy. It supplements the main policy with temporary coverage that “rides along” when needed most. This policy is designed to cover for a number of years when someone is going to face critical financial situations.

Life insurance riders are optional features that one can add to a life insurance policy to customize plans.

An “INSURED” is someone who protects the insurance policy.

“Quizlet ” means auto insurance that protects you against costs to repair or replace your vehicle after events out of your control such as weather, vandalism, or theft.


In a very easy way, we can say QUIZLET is “exploration”, “explaining details with a strong argument.”

Some synonyms of quizlet are “ample”, “assumes”,” rationale” and “distinguish”.

How To Add A Term Rider To Your Life Insurance?

Term riders can only be added at the first application of your life insurance policy. You have to get in touch with a licensed member of the life insurance team to customize coverage.

Why Do I Need A Term Rider?

A term rider is a great solution for an easy, flexible life. It adds more protection for the family when it is needed. A term rider could be a great solution for us.

  1. Save money has no additional policy fees.
  2. It’s easy-it is easy to calculate your bills, because of regular payment.
  3. Multiple choices can add up to three-term riders to your base policy in 10,15,20 years duration.
  4. Convertible-you can turn an active rider into a universal life policy, by giving lifelong permanent coverage.

What Is A Term Life Insurance Policy Quizlet?

The most basic form of life insurance is Term Life Insurance. Term life insurance provides temporary protection for a specified, limited time that can be defined in years or by the age of the insured. If the insured dies during the term of coverage, then the policy’s death benefit is paid.


What Term Insurance Provides Coverage For Quizlet?

It provides insurance protection for a specified period. It also pays a benefit only if the insured person dies during that period. After that period, the policy expires. As an example, a 100,000 10-year term policy provides $100,000 of coverage for a period of 10 years.

Life insurance is not really for a person. It is a promise to your family that you are very careful about them and want to make sure you are safe from unexpected occurrences. If you are planning on getting term life insurance to overcome financial obligations, then term riders are a great way to save money. Besides, It will also serve the coverage you need.

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